How to fit bathroom accessories

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Your toilet or bathroom isn’t complete without accessories like a towel rail, cup holder, bath towel ring, hair dryer holder, soap dish and shelf for your toiletries. We’ll tell you how you can easily hang up all these items in this article.

Attention points
Before drilling holes in the wall, first make sure there are no water or gas pipes or electric cables at the place where you intend to drill. Special electronic detectors are available to find the positions of any hidden pipes or cables.

Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses when you remove the old accessories.

  1. First measure the positions of all items

    Try to fit all items as far as possible in line, as this gives the most regular appearance. Use the gaps between the tiles as a guide. Check first if you can drill the holes in the gaps between the tiles. This makes the holes easier to drill, you won’t damage the tiles and you’ll be sure that you fit the bathroom accessories in a straight line.

  2. Drilling in a tile

    If you can’t avoid drilling in a tile, mark the position of the hole on two crossed strips of masking tape. This makes the place you have marked more easily visible on darker tiles, and will also help to prevent the drill from slipping away.

  3. Check everything one more time before you start drilling

    For example: if you’re fitting a shelf in the bathroom, hold it against the wall in the desired position. Put a spirit level on the shelf, adjust the shelf to make it horizontal, and mark the position underneath the shelf. Then check that the second hole is horizontally aligned with the first.

  4. Drill slowly into the tile

    Drill slowly without using the impact function. Once you’re through the tile you can switch the impact function on again. Make sure the hole is deep enough so the plug is fully recessed in the wall, behind the tile. This prevents the tile from cracking when you tighten the screw.


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How to fit bathroom accessories

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